• "Let's Build a Better Way" ! Autism Sings planning to build their first "Home on the Range" in Canada !

  • Putt4Autism with our new Putting Grip Featured on www.Putt4Autism.com >>> Click BELOW to Watch the VIDEO on Youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gkaNV5qsfo4

  • Autism Sings Dinner Show > Click on the big picture for more info

  • Save the Dolphins and Shelter and protect the Autistic > See the "boy on a dolphin" World Wide Fundraiser Painting !

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About us

Autism Sings Mission Statement

"Let's build a better way."

Help us shelter and protect the autistic.

Encouraging a united effort by people from all walks of life who will support Relief for Autism, and recognize the growing need for respite/permanent integrated retreat centers to help shelter all the soon to be homeless autistic children that are destined to become homeless autistic adults.

Autism Sings wishes to invite the whole world to join "the cause" and support Relief for Autism! 

Autism Sings has many fundraising initiatives planned and ALL proceeds from these will go towards supporting people living with special needs.  With enough funding and seed money in place, and government approval, we plan to build permanent retreat centers - you can read more about Our Mission.

"HOME ON THE RANGE" will be the first of its kind proposed for construction in southern Ontario, with more to follow Canada Wide!

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Twitter with us at https://twitter.com/AutismSingsTV

Please join hands, and band together with us on our world wide mission of mercy!

Autism Sings is now an incorporated Not for Profit Corporation under the Canada Not For Profit Act.
Corporation Number 896820-9