2014 1st Annual Golf & Gala at Copper Creek Golf Club

featured many artists!

Watch the Autism Sings 1st Annual Music Show here on YouTube!


Two Champions for Autism! World Champion Cliff Thorburn and Canadian junior champ Kyle Tumblod set to tee it up at Autism Sings 1st annual golf tournament to benefit autism in Canada!

World Champion Cliff Thorburn attends Autism Sings 1st annual Charity Golf & singing show event!

CJGA champion Kyle Tumblod set to tee it up at Autism Sings 1st annual golf tournament to benefit autism in Canada!

International Television Commentator and Billiard Professional Jim Wych attends Autism Sings 1st annual Charity Golf & singing show event!

Giuseppe "the MC" with Canadian actress Kathryn Aboya kick off the show in fine fashion!

Our first performer little Skyler Wexler comes out firing! What an incredible "tiny tot" with such a big future!

Perez Hilton Award winning 10 year old singer Aja Neinstein belts out the song that won her that award!

The hi fiving and hi flying colorful kid rapper Lil JaXe picks up the beat and delivers a solid performance. His severely afflicted stuttering challenge is overturned into a wonderful full flowing tempo that dazzles the audience as he struts his stuff and parades right through them! Thank you Lil JaXe!

14 year old Belle Matthews wows the audience with a real "heart on sleeves" performance. Absolutely incredible! Such a wonderful talent!

Crooner George Pliakes literally lifts them right out of their seats, time and time again, with a wonderful performance! Nobody does it better?

Carl Henry the Canadian Juno awards nominee, shares his "sweet surrender" vocals with the audience!

Autistic "lil drummer boy" Ryan McTavish hammers out a ground breaking drum solo! This boy can really "bring it"!

Autistic award winning drummer Ryan McTavish interviewed by founder of Autism Sings.
Ryan says "I like what you're doing Joe"!
Thank you for believing in us Ryan, we aim to deliver where governments failed!

Scott James the XFactor performer appeared before Autism Sings new show in Canada, via remote video from England! We hope to have sponsors in place at next year's show to pay for travel expenses to fly in international talent from all over the world to be on our live show, to support our cause to benefit autism.

See More: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_j7c4HNX3TU

The X Factor 2009: Autistic Scott has worked for years to get up the courage to audition - can he go through with it?
See more at https://www.itv.com/xfactor

Spider Chuck Jones delivers a solid knockout punch to his evening performance. Thank you Chuck for your support of our cause to benefit autism. "We're all in this together."

SpiderChuck Jones (1010 radio host) with Joe Joe Bentry, Carl Henry, Lil JaXe.


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