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"Let's Build a Better Way"

Every parent worries about their child's future and how they can prepare their child for the day when they will be on their own. For parents of a child with special needs the concern is much greater. Who will will take care of my child? Will he be happy? Will he lead a productive life? Special needs parents need to start preparing and planning their child's future as soon as possible.

Unfortunately "this is the life that chose them", but we the parents can choose for them "where they will spend it". 

A global disaster!

The current divorce rate for parents of autistic children is 92% and rising, due to the chronic shortage of respite homes that would grant them at least one night's relief to "recharge their batteries" and continue their stressful and sleepless care giving. The inevitable death of older parents with adult autistic children is coming on stream at an accelerated rate. There are few or NO group homes to receive their children when they die, especially decent homes. When asked what they will do when they die, many mothers of autistic children are saying "they will take them with them", rather than leave them on the streets or in a "nasty home". This is NOT a viable option! Examples of this are not rare:

Autism Sings has many fundraising initiatives planned and ALL proceeds from these will go towards supporting people living with special needs.  With enough funding and seed money in place, and government approval, we plan to build permanent retreat centers.


The first of its kind proposed for construction in southern Ontario, with more to follow Canada Wide!

Plans of the first completed model retreat will be made available to the world at large, that may chose to follow in our footsteps and copy what may very well turn out to be a successful and innovative mostly self-funding model.

Autism Sings plans to purchase land to start building a shelter/respite center for people with special needs and their families.

Vegetable gardens, fruit orchards combined with botanical flower gardens with a huge picnic area. The new center would ideally contain a residential living complex with the following amenities; an indoor/outdoor pool/solarium/gymnasium, greenhouse, cineplex, art center, petting zoo, fishing ponds, skating rinks, sports fields and more to make this experience even more happily memorable for them.

A pay-as-you-play golf driving range and mini-putt, as well as a special needs art centre, and a warehouse that houses commercial enterprise activities may be added.  The aim is to perpetually fund the retreat to relieve total reliance on Government subsidies and supply meaningful work programs to many of the residents.

Plans of the first completed model retreat will be made available to the world at large, that may chose to follow in our footsteps and copy what may very well turn out to be a successful and innovative mostly self-funding model.


One of the main concerns when preparing for your child's future is making sure they lead a productive life. Finding a job for someone with a disability is very difficult and can be frustrating.

One of the fastest growing employment opportunities for individuals with special needs are farms & ranches. There are dozens of farms currently in the United States that offer programs and employment opportunities for individuals with special needs.  We aim to bring this to Ontario!

There are many reasons why farms and ranches are becoming popular options for special needs families, including:

  • The lifestyle is slower paced and more relaxing making it easier for individuals with special needs to adapt to their surroundings.
  • On a farm or ranch there a number of vocational activities and skills that individuals can learn.
  • A farm can offer a perfect opportunity to create a sustainable business for individuals with special needs by selling their produce in the local markets.

Here are 15 ranches and farms that offer programs for individuals with special needs:


Camphill is a truly amazing organization and a wonderful way for all special needs adult children to live. Live on an organic farm with acres and acres of land, and not cooped up in a group home. They are living in a community, (their own small village) growing fruits, vegetables the organic way, and enjoying the outdoors.

 This has been our vision for many years - the "home on the range" retreat center - for our children and for many others like them.

"Let's build a better way"

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